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Savvy Tech is your partner for all your software development and project maintenance needs. Savvy Tech helps reduce your development, design and maintenance costs at the same time maintaining quality and reliability.

Savvy Tech e-Business practice is a quality provider of e-Strategy and e-Solutions that deliver great business value to your business and your business partners.

The e-Business: The speed of any business determines profit enhancement and goodwill of the provider. The Internet has changed business methods forever by virtue of its global reach. It has speeded up the business transactions of selling and supplying practices. E-business has evolved to become the necessity of every business organization.

e-Business is more than just distributing product information, or selling services or goods over Internet. It gives a concept to make acquisition, retention and establishment of a relationship with the customer at different levels. It provides an opportunity to collaborate, interact, and strengthen relationships with business partners across the value chain.

  • The benefit of e-Business concept
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Penetration into new markets through new channels


e-Business- Savvy Tech Practice
Savvy Tech professionals design and deliver the e-solutions that suit your short and long-term business aims. Savvy Tech helps you to plan and implement a complete end-to-end solution integrating your existing Enterprise Systems and that of your partners.

Based on your current e-Business position and taking your e-Business initiative into account, you can take advantage of these Savvy Tech e-services :

  • e-Business Assessment and e-Strategy
  • e-Procurement
  • Electronic Storefront
  • e-Marketplace
  • Data Mobilization
  • B2B integration
  • Catalog / Content Management
    Savvy Tech uses its e-Business expertise, industry experience and best practices to plan and build your e-Strategy and deliver an integrated e-Solution with tangible business benefits in rapid implementation cycles.


e-Business Assessment & E-Strategy

  • Assessment of business operations
  • Review of current e-Business initiatives
  • Technology assessment
  • Identification of e-Business opportunities and recommendations
  • Development of an integrated e-Strategy



  • Development of an enterprise-wide e-Procurement strategy for indirect (MRO) and direct material
  • Design and implementation of e-Procurement solutions, including SAP Market’s Enterprise Buyer
  • Professional, Commerce One and ARIBA
  • Organization and mobilization of supplier adoption program
  • Catalog strategy and design, internal and external catalogs (OCI, OBI)
  • Document exchange (xCBL, ebXML)
  • KPI monitoring and analytics


Electronic Storefront

  • Online Stores
  • Electronic Catalogs
  • Online Ordering / Order Tracking
  • Electronic Payment Services
  • Customer Service and Support


Savvy Tech designs and develops customer-facing self-service functions for better communication. Savvy Tech’s solutions provide for on-time support and customer relationship enhancement through personalized customer care and value added services.

These solutions achieve competitive advantage, acquire new customers, retain existing customers and reinforce customer relationships.

Savvy Tech Electronic Storefront service includes the deployment of packaged CRM and sell-side solutions including SAP CRM, SAP Online Store and Haht Commerce.



  • Order management
  • e-Purchasing
  • Invoicing and Payment Processing
  • Inventory Management / Fulfillment / Logistics
  • Forecasting
  • Advanced planning and replenishment

These solutions enable automation through the supply chain, facilitating collaboration and efficiency. It results in reduced costs, efficient inventory control and lesser cycle time. Savvy Tech helps integrate with private and public marketplaces to conduct “machine to machine” business transactions using industry-based communication standards (EDI, RosettaNet and CIDX) and implementation of EAI tools including Mercator, webMethods and Haht Links.


Data Mobilization
Savvy Tech designs Enterprise Portals and Mobile Solutions for anytime and anywhere access of business-critical data.

  • Quick response to changing market needs
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Order management / Tracking
  • Operations and Logistics Planning
  • Sales force automation


Catalog/Content Management

  • Savvy Tech offers implementation and management of e-Catalogs
  • Provides catalog content for validation, normalization, rationalization and classification of catalog data
  • provided by the suppliers
  • Savvy Tech extends this service to new suppliers to participate in on-ramp programs
  • Savvy Tech manages the critical task of keeping the Catalog data in sync with Enterprise data


B2B Integration

Savvy Tech provides application and partner integration service to customers through its highly qualified team of EAI professionals dedicated to integrating legacy, Enterprise systems, third party and partner systems

  • Savvy Tech delivers standards-based integration through the use of EDI, RosettaNet and CIDX
  • Implementation of B2B integration tools including SAP Business Connector, webMethods, Haht Links, Peregrine/Extricity and SeeBeyond

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